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this is the price you pay for loss of control [entries|friends|calendar]

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[22 Aug 2009|01:17pm]
Here are the rules:

Test your memory and your love of live music by listing 50 artists or bands you've seen in concert. List the FIRST 50 acts that come into your head. An act you saw at a festival and opening acts count, but ONLY if you can't think of 50 other artists.
List the first concert you ever saw as #1 (you can remember that, can’t you)?

I'll try to keep this on 50, in no particular order

1. NSYNC!!!!
2. brand new x a bunch
3. kevin devine x a bunch
4. manchester orchestra x 4?
5. say anything x 3
4. nightmare of you x a few
5. thursday
6. the starting line x 4?
5. motion city soundtrack
7. the format
8. all american rejects...
9. gym class heroes x a few
10. paramore x 3?
11. mewithoutyou
12. thrice
13. the spill canvas x 2?
14. straylight run x 5?
15. head automatica
16. men, women, and children
17. colour revolt
18. anathallo
19. bayside x a few
20. underoath x 3
21. every time i die x a few
22. chiodos
23. circa survive
24. fun
25. dashboard confessional
26. person l x 2
27. saves the day
28. envy on the coast
29. crime in stereo
30. as tall as lions
31. the early november
32. jimmy eat world
33. something corporate
34. jacks mannequin
35. the academy is
36. from first to last
37. coheed and cambria
38. pierce the veil
39. four year strong
40. the devil wears prada
41. from autumn to ashes
42. good old war
43. hellogoodbye
44. i am the avalanche
45. mae
46. maps & atlases
47. meg & dia
48. the almost
49. set your goals
50. WYLDLIFE!!!!!!!!!
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wake up, cause you're not done [15 Aug 2009|03:20am]
Brand New Full Support Confirmed For Long Island Show

Support for Brand New's upcoming show at the Nassau
Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, New York
on November 28th has been confirmed.

Kevin Devine, Crime In Stereo, Manchester Orchestra,
Thrice and Glassjaw will join Brand New for their
biggest headline show to date.
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[02 Aug 2009|12:41am]
dfasfgCollapse )
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[12 Jul 2009|08:10pm]
look at this setlist

Okay I Believe You
Sic Transit,
Quiet Things,
Shower Scene,
Jaws Theme,
Flying at Tree Level,
Mix Tape,
Jude Law,
New song"Lie To Your Friends'(?)',
You Won't KNow,
Play Crack,

best show ALMOST ever save for the first time i saw them
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[09 Jul 2009|02:11am]
wellCollapse )
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[16 Apr 2009|12:58am]
procrastinating sleep

weird?Collapse )
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[20 Mar 2009|12:49am]
super bored
woo spring break
and you've got a smile that could light up this whole townCollapse )
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[12 Feb 2009|10:41pm]
keep it up, like you even know how to stopCollapse )
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[09 Feb 2009|07:49pm]
this is a lesson in procrastination!Collapse )
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[14 Jan 2009|11:42pm]
Read more...Collapse )</lj-cut?
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[07 Jan 2009|12:05am]

i'm gonna tear your ass up like we just got marriedCollapse )
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[01 Jan 2009|09:35pm]
imma do one of deeeeez

happy new years bitches
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[28 Sep 2008|03:57am]
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[01 Sep 2008|12:38am]
blahhhh i feel like puking and crying at the same time, idk
could partially be caused by the cheesecake
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HEY BRITTANYYYYYYY, why are you messing with me? [24 Aug 2008|11:40pm]
hey livejournal world!
i was gonna do a throwback from the old days like jess used to do and make a guessing list of who id like to bang in no particular order, but i could only come up with one off the top of my head...
who wants to guess?
is anyone even alive anymore?
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[03 Jul 2008|05:43pm]
im bored so im back to surveying
i went to prom
i graduated
im all grown up now!

i see you windin grindin up on that poleeee!Collapse )
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[24 Apr 2008|11:56pm]
kdev was AMAZING
i absolutely lovelove him
jesse and andy were pretty cool too, i do love my brand new and manchester
but kevin omgosh
has my heart

georgia tomorrow, okay so ill talk to Y'ALL on wednesday

you still can change, you have to know, you still can changeCollapse )
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[03 Apr 2008|10:44pm]
say anything was fantastically amazing
they played: skinny mean man, no soul, the church channel, shiksa, baby girl, retarded in love, about falling, we killed it, plea, woe, belt, ADMIT ITTT!, chia like, alive, and of course, wow i can get sexual too.
i believe thats it
and manchester was sickkk as well, kdev joined them onstage briefly which was awesome. i love kdev. i bought my wristband to see him and andy hull today, im so excited.
anyways though, say anything was SICKKK. me and jen were flippin. cant wait to see them again<3<3<3

the price bitch, is diamondsCollapse )
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[12 Mar 2008|08:27pm]
prom dress!
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[16 Aug 2006|12:40am]
i would like to present an award to mattydrums for making me laugh so many times in my life.
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